My pet peeves | it gets weird and intense πŸ‘Œ

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Just a side note , no i don't pop out of flowers , hehe incase you were wondering , which you were not . I hope not atleast πŸ˜… So umm this a nice "topic" and I'm so excited !!! Eee! Yay !!! First of all I just want to adress this problem ,... Continue Reading →

My fav tunes πŸŽΆ

Hey! And welcome to my youtube channel!! Heu! Hellu Okie! Hi! Welcome to Wonderville (that dosent sound too bad does it? ) Yeah.. so like you saw in the title I'm going to teach you how to do math , ( you might have died for a moment due to that , " trying to... Continue Reading →

Question of the day #5

Ullala! I have no idea what that means or what that is supposed to mean.. But anyways we are here with ✨ question of the day ✨ So the question of the day is.... 1. What was the funniest way you got an injury Or/and 2. What was the most akward-est moment you faced? Today... Continue Reading →

K, I’m going to faint!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbhnn8ycycuvts4u 4exg uctx7cd5x y 5ds yf yyudtF in uxuvuc bh a,x , πŸ‘ˆmy mind Guess what!? We did it guys! We actually did it! We Hit . .. ... .... 50 followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loveeee you! Thank you so much Hehe! This too! Thanks a lottttt! and thank you so so much! I didn't even know... Continue Reading →

Question of the day #4

Hey! Todays question of the day is pretty funny , here we go! Whould you rather shoot spaghetti out of your fingers or sneeze meatballs Question found from the internet.. I would rather shoot spaghetti out of my fingers cause sneezing meatballs dosent sound real fun πŸ˜…πŸ˜ Lemme know your thoughts in the comments

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